2016 Players

Coach Eric Deese      UAH   
Kevin Deese                                                                              Drew Nicholson Post 34   '13/'14
Coach Tyler Davis   '13,'14 West Alabama 
Jake Vickerson '09,'10,'11    Shelton State                                    Mason Elsberry Post 34  '13/'14/'15
Coach Clay Thomas     '10,'11    UA
Coach Collin Jolly   '11,'12,'12   Martin Methodist
Clayton Marchant      '13,'14   Lawson State
James Tulledge          Alabama
Kent McGee       Post 34  '91,'92
Nick Vickerson   Miss St ,Texas Rangers

​​POST 34 ALUMNI get first win against Sr team , thanks to the alumni who played their hearts out.
Dylan Mann , JP Sanders, Matthew Langston, Cole Beck,Brenton Sanders, Zane Tyra, Landan Sartain,Grady Kelly,Dylan Powell,Cameron Carlisle, Trevor Sprowl, Christian Brown

Players for 2017

Collin Jolly  Martin Methodist

Parker Farley   UAH

Joe Pradat   Lagrange

Robey Smalley   Washington & Lee

Kent McGee  Post 34  '91-92

Kevin Deese   Post 34 '06-07

Alex Foster   Post 34 '16

Clayton Marchant   Shelton State

Zayne Tyra   Shelton State

James Tulledge   Alabama

Taylor Conant     Alabama

Eric Deese   UAH

                                                             2017 Alumni Game                                                                                                                                          ​​What a great game, Sr team wears down Alumni , again , for win,again. Alumni swear to win next year,again. Thanks to all the guys who came out to challenge the Post 34 Sr team. We are always impressed with the skill level shown and the determination to win. Not so impressed with the sore muscles and strawberrys you guys got from not wearing sliding shorts. A list of old timers:

Collin Jolly                Parker Farley            Joe Pradat
Robey Smalley         Kent McGee              Kevin Deese
Clayton  Marchant     Zayne Tyra             James Tulledge
Taylor Conant           Eric Deese                 Alex Foster
Special Thanks to our umpires; Danny "Strike Four " Matherson and Larry " Alumni are always safe" Mims​


Thanks to the 2020 group of Old Timers who braved embarrasment and injury for one more moment of glory!

Grady Kelly, Drew Kellum, Austin Randolph, Conrad Smalley,Ethan Haines,JP Sanders, Brenton Sanders,Justin Dyer,Dylan Powell,Cole Beck,Matt Langston,Pierce Goodbread,

Players for 2018

Collin Jolly

Taylor Clemmons

Kevin Deese

Nick Vickerson

Landon Sartain

Kent "MVP" Mcgee

Grady Kelly

Tyler Davis

Carson Dockery

Matthew Langston

Trevor Sprowl

Zane Tyra

Eric Deese

Tanner Rose

What a great game last night, thanks to all the Alumni and fans who showed up to watch a great game. The Alumni held a furious rally in the last inning to almost niche their first win against the Sr team. Special thanks to our Alumni umpires Danny Matherson and Larry Mims , these guys have seen more baseball in West Alabama than anybody and really enjoy getting to see these players again.
Thanks to the players for making Post 34 the most successful baseball program in the Alabama American Legion.
Collin Jolly,Taylor Clemmons,Kevin Deese,Nick Vickerson,Landon Sartain,Kent "MVP" McGee,Grady Kelly,Tyler Davis,Carson Dockery,Matthew Langston,Trevor Sprowl,Zane Tyra,Eric Deese, Tanner Rose
Maybe next year...?
Coach Smalley

So Close in 2018

2015 Players

Kent McGee    

Joe Pradat         Lagrange College

Robey Smalley  Washington & Lee

Brad McCool

Collin Jolly          Shelton State

Clay Thomas     Shelton State

Parker Farley     UAH

Kyle Andrews     Shelton State

Lathan Johnson Southern Union

Baseball found this morning at Tuscaloosa amphitheater 
Tuscaloosa police on patrol found a lone baseball this morning at the amphitheater with a "34" label. They contacted Coach Jack Smalley of Post 34 who identified the ball as the one hit by Nick Vickerson in last nights Alumni game. "That ball was still rising as it went by the flag in dead center field" Smalley said. "We wondered if it would carry the river or not, we were concerned it might hit someone's house and they would mistake it for a meteoroid".