Post 34 HSE Tournament                                                                                                                                                                              Thursday June 15th

Gordo v Post 34 6:00 @TA

 Friday June 16th

  @TA    3:00    Post 34 v Miss 365 Stars           @ Tuscaloosa Co High   3:00   Co High v Miss Jr Stars

               6:00    Post 34 v Miss Jr Stars                                                   6:00   Co High v Shooting Stars

Saturday June 17th

@TA   9:00   Post 34 v Tri County White                     @ Co High   9:00   Tri County Gray  v  Jr Stars

          11:30   Gordo   v  365 Stars                                                      11:30   Tri County White v Jr Stars

          2:00    Shooting Stars v Gordo                                               2:00     Tri County Gray   v Co High

          4:30    Post 34 v Shooting Stars                                             4:30    Co High v  365 Stars

 Sunday June 18th

@TA    10:00     365 Stars   v Tri County Gray                    @ Co High  10:00   Tri Co White v Shooting Stars

             12:00       Tri County Gray v Gordo                                           12:00    365 Stars v  Tri Co White                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2:00      Co High v Gordo

Post 34 15 U Tournament 

6 teams, 2 fields, RR format Friday & Sat June 2nd& June 3rd,  1 seeded Game Sunday if wanted. If you don't want to play Sunday, that's OK

Here’s the tentative schedule for the Post 34 15U tournament June2-3


Tuscaloosa Co High field                                                                         Tuscaloosa Academy field

3:00   Co High     v Hueytown Post 149                                                           3:00   Post 34    v   Butler 16U

5:00 Hueytown  Post 149  v Wetumpka Post 7                                              5:00   Butler  16U    v   Central Alabama Baseball 16U

7:00  Wetumpka  Post 7  v  Co High                                                               7:00  Central Alabama baseball 16U   v   Post 34


Tuscaloosa Co High field                                                                                  Tuscaloosa Academy Field

10:00   Co High    v  Central Alabama Baseball 16U                                      10:00     Post 34  v Wetumpka Post 7

12:30   Central Alabama Baseball 16U   v    Butler 16U                                   12:30    Wetumpka  v Hueytown

2:30     Butler     v     Co High                                                                            2:30      Hueytown  v Post 34

 Sunday - all games at TA (Games may be scheduled by distance teams need to travel)

11:00   Seed 2  Game

1:30     Seed 1 Championship

4:00     Seed 3  Game



Cost -$300/bring dozen balls, $7 admission, 1 team cooler no spectator coolers

4 game guarantee with 5th game Sunday if wanted

All games will be 7 innings or 1:50 time limit,Run rule-15 after 3/10 after 4,8after 5

Friday & Sat games at TA and Tusc Co High  Friday games @3/5/7:00, Sat games @ 10/ 12:30/2:30

Sunday seeded games (games may be seeded by distance teams need to travel)  Games @ 11:00/1:30/3:30Seeding -1st-head to head/if three or more teams are tied-Run differential using the games only involving the teams 


Pool A

Team                  W  L     RA     RS     Diff

Pool B